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Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Vision Officer, ISSP

Oleh Derevianko is a visionary business and social entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Vision Officer of ISSP, a private international cybersecurity company founded in 2008 in Ukraine and currently operating globally while remaining a leader of the Ukrainian cybersecurity industry. ISSP acted as the first responder to and investigator of many of the most sophisticated cyberattacks in history and was named by WIRED as ‘the go-to firm for victims of Ukraine’s cyberwar’. Before founding ISSP, Oleh worked as CEO and Board Member in Ukrainian and international companies concentrating on new venture building, organizational development, and change management among other strategic tasks, and is passionate about lifelong learning, leadership, emotional intelligence, and creativity. In 2015-2016, Oleh Derevianko served as Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. As the Co-founder and Chairman of ISSP, Oleh has presented on actual challenges of cybersecurity strategy and practice at MIT, Stanford, Texas A&M, The Atlantic Council, The Cambridge Cyber Summit, Berlin CyberSecurityForum, Web Summit, Collision, CYBERSEC European Cybersecurity Forum, the NATO-Ukraine Platform on Countering Hybrid Warfare, many other international cybersecurity and information security events, and has been referenced in WSJ, CNBC, Politico, WIRED, Le Monde, Reuters, BBC Future, NYT…, and two bestselling books on cybersecurity.

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